Railway Surveys

terra® Videobox: Rail Measuring Car.
terra® Videobox: Rail Measuring Car.
terra® Railway surveys - Mobile Mapping.
terra® Railway surveys - Mobile Mapping.
terra® Railway surveys - High daily output.
terra® Railway surveys - High daily output.
terra®: Rail track surveys & 3D laser scans.
terra®: Rail track surveys & 3D laser scans.
terra®: Clearance cross-sections.
terra®: Clearance cross-sections.

Surveys & monitoring of tracks, catenaries, bridges and railway infrastructure

terra® - a strong partner for railway companies.
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Track Condition Measurements & Maintenance

Together wit PC Soft GmbH we offer an integrated solution for the assessment and analysis of track conditions. The obtained measurements can be processed directly within the zedas®asset Application Lifecycle Management System. Subsequently, optimised maintenance activities can be derived based on the recorded data. This mobile data acquisition of track conditions ensures high infrastructure availability at comparatively low costs.

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Mobile track measurements and maintenance management.

Advantages of terra® - zedas©asset

The integrated solution made of terra® data acquisition and zedas® maintenance management system with a central information platform offers the following advantages:

  • Integrated, automatic measurement analysis, archiving and evaluation
  • Accurate, complete log reproduction of all maintenance and building measures
  • Legal certainty through consistent documentation,
  • Complete data base for planning and prognoses. 

Railway Survey without Stop&Go

  • Railway survey for every gauge width
  • Rail Measuring Car for long distances and large networks
  • Swiss trolley for short distances and smaller projects
  • High daily output
  • Rail track geometry - absolute coordinate system

Areas of Expertise

  • Railway survey, resp. mobile mapping for railway companies, with a broad selection of sensors &
    data capturing methods as
  • - Railhead scanners
    - 3D-Laserscanner
    - 360° camera
    - Cameras
    - Georadar
  • High Single point accuracy, even under difficult GPS conditions using an inertial reference system
  • Our in-house data processing centre delivers customised, modular results


  • Railway infrastructure surveys
  • Track and infrastructure documentation
  • Continuous acquisition of track geometry
  • Track gauge, superelevation (cant), track centre lines and distortion
  • Condition surveys of tracks and switches
  • Correction data for track maintenance
  • Quality control data for plain lines
  • 3D point clouds and digital terrain models
  • Clearance gauge surveys
  • Catenary positioning

Your Advantage

  • Time-savings – all relevant data are recorded simultaneously in a single session
  • Fewer track closures
  • Custom and modular data analysis
  • Detailed and comprehensive surveys
  • Shorter measurement cycles
  • Improved life-cycle management
  • Convincing price-performance ratio

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