Panoramic Imaging Service

terra® - Panoramic imaging service for railways companies.
terra® - Panoramic imaging service for railways companies.
The No. 1 for mobile mapping.
The No. 1 for mobile mapping.
360 degree Panorama Camera.
360 degree Panorama Camera.

Our 360 degree Panoramic Imaging Service can be easily combined with 3D-laserscanning based mobile mapping.

We map streets, railway infrastructure, large objects as well as landscape. Depending on customers requirements we deliver geo-referenced 360 degree panoramic images, single images or videos. 

Areas of Expertise

  • High positionning accuracy
  • Our in-house data processing centre delivers customised, modular results
  • Custom data acquisition and analysis ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction


  • Image-based documentation
  • Video-based documentation
  • Data export as geo-referenced 360 degree panorama image, single image or video. 
  • Good combination with 3D point clouds or 3D digital terrain models


  • Fast efficient data acquisition 
  • Fewer and shorter road closures
  • Detailed and comprehensive surveys
  • Periodically repeatable measurements
  • Improved life-cycle management
  • Convincing price-performance ratio

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