Videobox: Geomonitoring
Videobox: Geomonitoring
Tangible and reliable data
Tangible and reliable data
Automated real-time deformation measurements with swissMon
Automated real-time deformation measurements with swissMon
Our experts are working for you day or night
Our experts are working for you day or night

Geomonitoring: Your No. 1 in Switzerland

Our manufacturer-independent and scalable Geomonitoring system successfully monitors the Zurich cross-city rail link – the largest urban construction site in Switzerland – 24/7.

Geomonitoring with swissMon improves the analysis of surface and building deformations through reliable data acquisition. swissMon offers:

  • High availability
  • High reliability
  • Outstanding precision

Our videos show advantages, fields of application and solutions regarding geomonitoring. 

According to the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), swissMon is an economic geomonitoring solution that delivers real-time data to builders and construction engineers throughout extended phases of construction. Our customers particularly appreciate swissMon's configurability.
For the Swiss Federal Railways, swissMon provided a new and unique dimension of geodetic monitoring.

swissMon is a manufacturer-independent and scalable geomonitoring solution that has been successfully used for the monitoring of the following:


Areas of Expertise

  • Consulting & feasibility studies
  • Custom-designed Geomonitoring solutions
  • Project management
  • Monitoring equipment installation and maintenance
  • Measurements
  • Data management
  • Monitoring web interface and monitoring alerts
  • Reports

Products and Services

  • Impact and design monitoring
  • Short-term and long-term monitoring
  • Permanent automated measurements (24/7)
  • Convenient web interface access and automated alerts
  • Acquisition, analysis and visualisation of data
  • Customised automated calculations and data evaluation

Your Advantage

  • Manufacturer-independent, optimised solution
  • Project-specific and custom-tailored monitoring systems
  • Fast and efficient on-site work, day or night, saves time and money
  • Convincing price-performance ratio
  • Builders trust in our leading monitoring know-how

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